Like another commenter, I directly went to step 5 and followed the instructions there. My point is there is no reason for me to throw the flag. I also got the weird rattle noise after about 30 seconds. August 11, at 8: It might take a few pages to get the color fully restored. Thanks for this sir. I ran the cyan toner motor for 30 seconds and my Phaser prints as good as new.

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It might take a few pages to get the color fully xerox phaser 6125n. May 4, at 7: Therefore the auger system empties out and the developer unit inside the Drum unit does the xerox phaser 6125n thing.

But it worked immediately after I restarted the printer. I tried the options mentioned in the maintenance section of the printer before finding your solution. Did step 5 and worked perfectly.

March 20, at 6: Then I hooked up the old which had the same issue, and ran all xerox phaser 6125n toner motors, problem solved.

Make sure your paper is in a cool dry place. January 23, at Have cleaned everything, corrected all settings, tired Can one perform this procedure on a cmfw. I xerox phaser 6125n about 2 hours this morning trying everything from cleaning the lens, cleaning the developer, toner refresh, factory reset and whatever it was that would make the printer to reset some kind of ways. I can only assume this means that it had failed the test.

625n My blue xerox phaser 6125n printing pink. July 26, at 2: Fan the paper before loading into tray. Press and hold the Up and Down arrows simultaneously and turn the printer On. Thanks so much for the info.

I did the instructions on xerox phaser 6125n magenta — didnt read the instructions correctly and I let it run for like 5 minutes with all the noise. Black quality returned on the 3rd page. Every prints looks great. So step 5 was the magic trick.

I used the steps to go into diagnostic mode and run the xerox phaser 6125n motor for the affected color. December 15, at 8: May 3, at I noticed that all of the colours were printing faint down the right hand side and after months of messing around and even replacing the imaging unit it was still happening. About 15 seconds into the toner motor test, phaseg printer began making a loud rattling xerox phaser 6125n the motor. No flags need phaaser be thrown. I then read the instructions again and did it for 30 seconds on the other toners.

I was facing the same problem: I finally just turned the printer off and back on.

Xerox Phaser / WorkCentre Light Print Issues

Then, after a xerox phaser 6125n of google-ing I stumbled upon your article. Like another commenter, I directly went to step 5 and followed the instructions there.

Thank you, thank you, times thank you!!! You are a God….

Especially if you used labels. I thought it was the cheap after market toner that I replaced it with.

Thanks for this sir. June 5, at 9: November 14, at Like many above, my Phaser had been printing black as gray and cyan as light cyan. Her North American debut came about when she filled in for Romanian pianist Radu Pulu in playing a Beethoven concerto with conductor Pinchas Zukerman in Every now and then also hear a whir sound on the right side of the printer and get a paper jam staright after.

Careful not to damage xerox phaser 6125n scratch the black transfer belt assembly as this will effect image quality. The repair people at Xerox had told me the xerox phaser 6125n answer was to replace the drum.

This solved my problem as well. September 15, at 2: I was seeing very light black after I installed some aftermarket toner. January 29, at 1: My point is there is no reason for me to throw xerox phaser 6125n xeerox. I print a lot for my schooling and was devastated that my printer might be dead.

I let it run 10 minutes on the black toner motor, with all the noise, and stopped after xerox phaser 6125n additional comments. April 23, at 4: Followed the steps above and the printer is working great! Humidity, damaged paper, tray guides, worn rollers are all good places to start. Obviously, this article only touches on specific problem with the light print issues.

Thanks again for your solution!

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