When you print, configure the paper source, type and size properly in the software application. Printer selects The paper source print materials selection in the printer from the wrong properties may be paper source. The printer is not selected as the default printer. Maintaining The Toner Cartridge Maintaining the Toner Cartridge Toner cartridge storage To get the maximum results from the toner cartridge, keep the following guidelines in mind: When it comes to maximizing productivity and uptime, our long-lasting line matrix printers are the product of choice.

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Listed below is the name of each property. Selecting A Location Pull the paper tray out of the printer. To get the best possible print quality, use only high-quality copier-grade paper. Open the Multi-Purpose Tray and the rear output tray.

This item lets you enter the subnet mask manually. Tally t9220 this mode will extend the life of your toner cartridge and reduce your tallj per page, but will reduce the print quality. Printer and Paper Storage Environment Paper tally t9220 environmental conditions directly affect the feed operation.

Review the precautions on page F. Set this Image Mode option to improve the print quality of your text and image, and make the characters and images appear smoother. Don’t show me this message again. Problem Possible Tally t9220 The software application is malfunctioning. Envelopes Envelopes Envelope construction is critical.

Page Tally t9220 the File menu and click Print. Place a piece of paper over the top of the toner cartridge to shield it while it is out of the printer. Your printer provides the software control panel for improved printer control when DOS printer drivers are not available or when certain print tally t9220 are not available through DOS tslly programmes.

Using Control Panel Menus A number of menus are available to make it easy for you to change printer settings. Setting Paper Properties Setting Paper Properties Use the tally t9220 options to set the basic paper handling needs when you access the printer properties.

Load paper with the print side facing down.

Load print material with print side up and short edge first. Page Image Mode Advanced Options 5. From the Start menu, select Control Panel, and double- click on the Network icon. Buy genuine products directly from Printronix, guaranteed to maximize uptime and total cost of ownership.

Ideally, the printer and paper storage environment should be at or near room temperature, and not too dry or humid. In tally t9220 Paper Tally t9220 Area If a long portion of tally t9220 paper is visible, pull it straight out. Problem Curl or wave Wrinkles or creases Back of printouts are dirty Black pages 7. These can damage the printer.

The items in each menu and the values you can select are described in more detail in the tables beginning on page 3. From the application you are using, select the Print command. Press the scroll button type and press the Enter button Press the scroll button then press the Enter button Repeat steps 12 and 13 tally t9220 configure another frame type, if Page Envelopes with Double Side Seams Double side-seams construction has vertical seams at both ends tally t9220 the envelope rather than diagonal seams.

Using A Tally t9220 Setting, Using Help Using a Favorite Setting The Favorites option, which is visible on each properties tab, allows you to save the current properties settings for future use.

Click on Download Now and a File Download box will appear. Search tally t9220 consult the Readme file for additional installation drivers instructions for your printer Tally t9220 T Locate the sealing tape at the end of the toner cartridge.

Overlays are often used to take the place of preprinted forms and letterhead paper. The factory default is Auto. The Info tab shows general information about the printer. ta,ly

Tally Mono Laser T9220 User Manual

Page 91 From the Paper tab, select the paper source, size and type. Config Tab You can configure various printer features. Select a directory to txlly the driver in and click Save. The Image Mode option is only available when you select dpi Normal in the Resolution option. Refer to the table below for the driver available for t99220 printer and tally t9220 requirements.

Envelope fold lines can vary considerably, not only between manufacturers, but also within a tally t9220 from the same manufacturer.

For advanced printing features, select the desired option. Table Of Contents Paper Menu If you are an Internet user, tally t9220 can click Go to the Web page for this printer to access the web page. Taoly Background Printing Select a priority for tally t9220 print job in the queue of jobs waiting to print, tallly one of the following: Before installing this printer driver TallyGenicom T, read the following precautions: The diagram on page 3.

If you cannot find the jammed paper in the Tray2, pull the Tray1 half way out of the printer, and remove the paper. Setting Network Protocols When you first install the printer, all supported network protocols are enabled when you turn the printer on. Tallygenicom operator’s manual matrix printer t, t 28 pages. Page 73 Prepare a stack r9220 paper, or other media, for loading by flexing or fanning them back and forth.

When the installation is completed, click Tallg. This tally t9220 is applicable to either option. Select Local Printer and click Next. Gently pull the jammed paper towards you to tally t9220 it from the printer.

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