Image Drum, Cyan, 15K. Been looking around around on the net for ages, can’t find any info. Hi Capacity Print Cartridge, Please let us know if it works. Waste Toner Box, 40K.

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Oki c3600n nice people at OKI put a code in the user menu cc3600n locks the users out of the reset menus. I have a but i was not able to reset the Counter I have a with 17, copies on it and the original starter cartridges which I have been refilling.

It cannot be charged twice, it won’t hold position on the Oki c3600n anymore. Our site oi javascript, for the best experience please turn on javascript in your browser.

I saw this message for a Oki and I have a Oki c3600n and tried it and ola it worked my toner drum counts went to 0.

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I was not able to successfully replace the Cyan drum on my Okidata CDN it took oki c3600n and was very messy and the output was streaked and banded. Your instructions worked wonderfully!!!

I hope this post may save one oki c3600n from buying Xante. Oh, well that’s life. After reading this thread, I bought a “defective” that kept displaying empty drum messages! Toner Cartridge, Black, 38K.

The low toner warning turns into an empty toner warning and shuts the printer down. Oki c3600n wouldn’t get any print in that area.

In advance, thanks for your help!

c300n There are two sets of pins on the left and right of the printer. Toner Cartridge, Yellow, 3K. I’m not sure, but in my machine C it’s pressing the “enter” buttin during some seconds.

Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 6K. You can buy bulk oki c3600n in 22 lb bags from Uninet Company. Either the sensor is faulty or else it needs recalibrating. Is there another way to do it?

I tried the 7 step c600n and oki c3600n didn’t work for this issue.


Thanks Neale, however oki c3600n doesn’t appear to work for the C unless anyone has found different? Carry on from task 3 in kereru’s modified listing. They told me to swap toner oki c3600n positions but this did not change the error message. The display shows “Diag Mode The printers we are using are Cn’s. Image Drum, Cyan, 30K.

Please help me get the oki c3600n menu to return on the Okidata CN. Have you fixed it yet? Now the printer just does a normal startup.

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Then press button 2 to increase the value of the selected digit. I dumped 3c600n OKI C, tossed it, sht canned it. Can you provide oki c3600n advice? Running an OKI printer has suddenly oki c3600n a lot cheaper. I rebuilt the black drum on my Okidata CDN and it still shows a lighter streak on the left about 1.

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You can’t miss us. Button 7 takes you to the left. I needed to print just a few oki c3600n in black and white, but c36000n yellow was out.

If so, they are oki c3600n. A separate, unique label will need to be created for each toner that is to be returned.

Man, you are a life saver. Any toner hung up on the sides of the cartridge will drop down into the bottom. I have sent new drums to techs and they say the drum itself gets destroyed by the toner, What I don’t understand is if you clean the toner cartridge oki c3600n used toner and really clean itwhy will it still cause the oki c3600n Bad generic Toner from the suppliers Oki c3600n, were happy and you could have gotten a free printer from me if you had a name instead of Anonymous.

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