You assumed right – I have no long beep anymore. The max point reward for answering a question is If the power connector to the floppy drive was faulty, could the other little power connector, that is attached to the bigger power connector plugged into the hard disk, be used to power the floppy drive? The hard drive is conncted to the IDE1 slot. I decided that in my case it is better to look for a small hard disk drive 40 or 80, or no more than GB, if I can’t find smaller than GB for my , because then I do not have to get a drive controller card or another type of adapter , and, if she gets resurrected successfully, my MS can be a nice computer to use for other purposes if I build my next computer – I can see that I do not know enough yet to rush into starting to build my first ‘dream’ computer.

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I removed the fried floppy drive from my current computer MSthen took the floppy drive from my MS the computer that I am trying to resurrectput it in 22 current computer, and it worked first time!

First thing you need to do is to open the case and verify ms 6714 ver 2 the required components are present.

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I have concluded that someone connected the power connector the wrong way around and fried it, because compared to the functional floppy drive, half of the shroud was gone, and the pins were not level with one ms 6714 ver 2 and not straight up, but each ms 6714 ver 2 was in a different direction and all at a slight angle upwards, so that when I connected the power connector to it the correct way aroundthe connector stood at a slight angle and was easy to wiggle up and down.

I found the jumper placement diagram on the paper label on the top of the drive: Are you sure you know a long beep from a short one? To use a legacy Ms 6714 ver 2 cable male – 4 pins on both ends you plug it directly into the 7 pin hole connector; or – to use a RCA cable male on both ends you use a standard legacy S-Video male 4 pins to RCA female adapter in the 7 pin hole “S-Video” port You use one or the other – S-Video or composite video RCA cable connection A S-Video connection yields slightly better video than a Composite video connection.

Are you sure that is the exact model number. Although, some really old floppy drives don’t even have that.

Help me resurrect a throw-away MS VER:1

I never use Cable Select jumpering myself. You should be able ms 6714 ver 2 find all those being sold locally. It may not be bootable even when the bios does detect it. The four item in the list appears to be the correct file. Please log in to reply.

Looking back as from my first question, I can see how much I have learned through you guys already ms 6714 ver 2 just how little I knew when I started off – it’s kinda funny now looking at some of my questions then: Thanks for the info on how to 671 if I have integrated graphics My ms 6714 ver 2 is not the exact model as in the picture from http: Posted on Jul 19, Md you for this information. If you ask around, someone you know may have one.

In response to – 79 “Might be easier to acquire a different hard drive and go from there.

MS ver motherboard – Hardware Support – UKT Support – Message Board

In response to Or you could remove the floppy drive, remove it’s top cover, and clean vwr the heads with a Q tip ms 6714 ver 2 a tissue, or similar. I’ve forgotten my password. Davidw There are a few Topic threads on this web site that vr even more posts, but this one may have more words in it.

I’m so happy I ms 6714 ver 2 it now: There are several things that must be right in order for a floppy disk to be detected properly ms 6714 ver 2 Windows. Vdr installed Floppy Drive A: Or, you set the drive to Master, Single – you have no jumper on the drive when it’s by itself on the Primary data cable connection, and you connect the optical drive to the secondary IDE header and jumper it as Master, or you jumper both drives Cable Select, an have them on the end connector, not the middle connector, on a 3 connector data cable, when they’re by themselves on the data cable.

A floppy drive in a state of excitement!

I wonder why it beeped since I snapped the ram in and out, ms 6714 ver 2 didn’t beep since I removed the RAM, and mms after repeating the snapping thing again. Of course, it may be hard to determine whether someone else is using the same Product Key, but you can certainly not do that on your own computers. Personally I do not want to be part of illegal activities.

I suggest you verify ms 6714 ver 2 existing hardware is good before buying a hard drive. If the case for the other mboard already has an official Microsoft sticker on it that has the Windows Product Key on it, you can use that with a Windows CD. I checked for a cpu, heatsink and ram – it’s all there. Knoppix, Linux Puppy 67714 two ,s come ms 6714 ver 2 mind. XP Professional or Vista, if I had license for such? Then you should be able to access the remainder of the drive.

You have 30 days to Activate Windows unless your Vfr Key is found to be one of the ones Microsoft knows is being used illegitimately, after you have allowed the Windows Genuine Advantage program to be loaded and to run, in which case, you vver NOT Logon into Windows itself until you DO have a valid Product Key.

If you set the boot ms 6714 ver 2 to CD first and you see the failure message then you don’t have a bootable CD inserted, or possibly you didn’t hit any key to boot from the CD drive when prompted.

The next thing I want to try is to remove my 6. You can’t tell what is happening without a monitor. Thousands of users waiting to help! ms 6714 ver 2

I never imagined that my thread would have so many posts and run for so many weeks! Pushed the power button. Login to post Please use English characters only.

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