We must clearly call the contrast ratio of The known AccuType keyboard is installed. However, this is not a problem since these color spectrums are only required in the professional picture and graphics field. There is no Windows 7 DVD included. However, we could not find such models at the time of this review.

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Instead of a more common and more lenovo s400 ideapad Intel Core processor, the S only has an Intel Pentium chip, which is a significant step down from what most budget laptops offer. The lid’s back and the base unit’s bottom feature a matte, silver-gray color.

Lenovo IdeaPad S400 review

The CPU consistently clocked with 2. The base unit’s top also features a matte, black color. Iddeapad has done nothing special with the speakers in the S The LAN socket is implemented as a fold-out mechanism due to the casing’s wedge-shape design. We did not find a Kensington lock slot on the lenovo s400 ideapad. Warranty upgrades for the IdeaPad S are rare.

We did not disassemble the laptop since a shop loaned us the test device. They feature a considerably better aluminum casing and also offer a better battery ideappad.

Whether that is fun on a inch screen is another question. They produce a pleasant and lenovo s400 ideapad sound. Even the wrist rest’s temperatures remained within a range that always enabled use.

Review Lenovo IdeaPad S400 Notebook

The IdeaPad S’s thickness of 23mm 0. Apart from the display bezel, the entire casing has been lenovo s400 ideapad a metallic look.

A brighter, higher-contrast screen. Only hard disks with a height of 7mm 0. ClickPads do not have lenovo s400 ideapad mouse keys. The fan was barely audible. We could place the device on our lap at all times.

Many of the laptop’s components would be accessible when the bottom is removed. Lenovo provides a range of slim inch laptops in its IdeaPad S series. One core is occasionally boosted to 2. Lenovo relies on a ClickPad from Synaptics. The S ran through the S4000 Eater Classic test, comprised of maximum screen brightness, enabled high-performance profile and wireless modules, for the lenovo s400 ideapad test.

Software The lenovo s400 ideapad software is known from other Lenovo laptops: Veriface enables securing system access via face recognition. Regrettably, the low-capacity battery 32 Wh prevents that.

We discovered models in both series that currently cost around Euros. The IdeaPad S is not a laptop designed for gaming. The entire pad is one lenovo s400 ideapad key. The IdeaPad Ideapac advantages are its low weight, slim design, low power consumption, quiet operating noise and good application performance.

Lenovo IdeaPad S Specs – CNET

A restrained appearance in silver-gray. Maintaining the IdeaPad S is possible. CPU Multi 64Bit sort by value.

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