Or is it a bad LCD? A redding screen might indicate a problem with the backlight lamp inside the screen. I am using a HP DV laptop. If it does, your problem could be related to the video cable. Try reinstalling factory defaults from the recovery disk. Or is it sufficient to just change the screen, if the backlight still works?

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Both have identical failure symptoms no psvilion, very faint image on the screen. If I hold the screen wuthout the bezel then the hp pavilion dv6408nr works fine in various degrees of being open. Maybe the inverter is going bad. Thanks for your help! Now when I turn the LCD brightness to full power, laptop begins to produce strange noises and after a hp pavilion dv6408nr backlight turns off.

E Emachines G Series: External monitor runs fine. BTW those noises, described in my original post, were caused by the backlight bulb, which got burned out. Does this require me putting my hand into my dv64408nr for a brand new screen or can another solution be met? Although it is not the exact same model, your directions were so simple I was able to psvilion it out on the dv All of the sudden, the hp pavilion dv6408nr cam is not detected by the system.

The only screw on the bezel is on the left hinge. The screen displays its normal brightness briefly on reboot, and then dims again. Hp pavilion dv6408nr found an inverter online that matches the original and has he same coding on it. I have the same model, sometimes the screen flickers and get very hhp, that if you look closely hp pavilion dv6408nr closelyyou will see the windows otherwise you will think the screen is off. If the laptop turns on and the image is still hp pavilion dv6408nr, most likely this is either bad inverter board or backlight lamp failure.

Does this sound like the backlight bulb? No paviliob, no blackout no matter how far I tilted the screen. It actually was displaying, it was just really really hard to see it. The other day i turned on the laptop and the lower part of the screen displays garbled colors and the upper part works just fine.

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After six months of constantly not working, the laptop screen worked the other day for an hour or so just like it was supposed too, but the last dozen startups have continued to be black. There is no backlight off, just a completely black screen. Dv6408jr too, as Irene and Mr. I hp pavilion dv6408nr see that the computer is working fine by brightly illuminating the screen externally and can shut it down normally.

I now think its the LCD cable itself with some kind of short. If the screen goes dv6408nrr, take a very close look on the screen.

Also, you can activate hibernation or sleep mode through hp pavilion dv6408nr start button.

The image is still there, it means the inverter board works properly. Or is it the inverter?

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

Can you hp pavilion dv6408nr me what is wrong? DC Jacks by Make and Model. The person did say hp pavilion dv6408nr was only a temp fix lasted about ddv6408nr months before replaced the LCD Display. First, take a look at the memory modules and try reconnecting them just in case. After you find the HP part number, google it or search on eBay. Steven, Maybe you should install the old cracked LCD screen back into the laptop and find out if the backlight still works?

If laptop works fine with the external monitor but not internal, probably this is LCD pavvilion or video cable failure. I was able to have my video card replaced 1 year ago for a totally different problem so I hope that HP did something right.

This is for 65 watt AC adapters. As you guys alreay know they suck. I have a dv and hp pavilion dv6408nr screen is not lit. Can anyone advise if I hp pavilion dv6408nr purchase hinge assemblies separate from the entire display?

Did you get video on the broken screen on undamaged part of the screen? Yes, it does sound like you got a defective screen, apparently it has a bad backlight inside. You can still see a very faint image in the back when the Laptop is on, but the full picture wont come on.

How to remove screen on HP Pavilion dv6000

Would you tell me the PN hp pavilion dv6408nr for your before inverter or the original inverter? Cold be just poor connection between the cable and screen. Can it be repairable or screen need to be replaced.

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