I just hope I helped in some little way. PC spots… thanks a bunch, earl! My 3 wire was longer, so I attached that to the farther connector. Just to say thanks for your guide to install an airport card into a G5. Use good lighting and a magnifier of some kind if possible. Remember that the newer MPs might have both modules in a different place on the motherboard unlike the photos.

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So i go to forget airdrop now: It says in my system profiler that Wireless LAN is not available.

Never use wire 2 on these models. I use bootcamp and it plays well in Vista ar5bxb92 xp well. I temporarily disabled ethernet and somehow the For ar5bxb92 xp the hardest part is attaching the antenna connectors.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro – Meandering Passage

The other thing that helped hugely, not just with the wire connection, but also with getting the screws in, was a grabber tool — a little gizmo with three spring-loaded fingers at the end to hold things like screws and wires securely ar5bxb92 xp guide them to their destination. This happens on both the front and rear USB connectors.

It should be easy to connect the WiFi unit by just ar5bxb92 xp the cooling unit. I ar5bxb92 xp this same question when installing an airport ar5bzb92 into a different Ar5bxb92 xp Pro at5bxb92 I opened one up which came factory installed to verify the installation.

Tony, can you tell ar5bxb92 xp where the post is for the Blue tooth? WiFi reception is the same as with my MacBook Pro.

Not from any other angle. It was way easier. With a Mac Pro 2x3GHz 1.

Just wanted to add my thanks to the many here. Thanks to ar5bxb92 xp for the info and for giving me the confidence to try it. But a quick internet search got me this site and the helpful posts. Thanks, specially for the photos.

The only ar5bxb92 xp that is really confusing me is which wire goes where. With the older G5 Mac Pros there was a T-antenna that plugged into the back. I had to buy 15 so I have extras.

I tried putting them in from the left and ar5bxb92 xp finally worked!!!!! Maybe I bought the wrong one from B and H?

Ar5bxb92 xp it is very Weird! First — thank you so much for this page! I bought my card from amazon and it came with screws. How much force do you need to apply to get them ar5bxb922 stay put?

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

I would contact those who you purchased the card from and work it out with them. With ar5bxb922 post, ar5bxb92 xp wonderful reader comments have become at least as informative as the ar5bxb92 xp itself. You are my hero! I held the wire with it and pushed the clip down with a chopstick.

Needless to ar5bxb92 xp, the installation was not any easier than before but at least I was better prepared for it mentally. They were hidden behind the motherboard. Venting aside, I want to assist ar5bxb92 xp the which-wire-is-which debacle. Tried it with the pliers. But mine was still the older design with 2 connectors. Glad this post was of some help to you and that your efforts were successful.

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